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Welcome to Hanumangarh. With vast stretches of agricultural flat lands extending upto horizon in all directions, hanumangarh has the distinction of being called the granary of State of Rajasthan. In fact, it is often said that the primary culture of Hanumangarh is agriculture, which is not far from truth. As a result, this district has its own set of challenges in terms of policing. It has been a constant endeavour on the part of Hanumangarh Police to provide a state of security and Rule of Law to its citizens, be it a peasant, a farmer or a businessman. We will continue to ensure a state of peace and prosperity, by effectively tackling crime and criminals, promoting harmony amongst the citizen groups, and pro-actively addressing new issues as and when they emerge. The ultimate aim will always be-"FEAR IN THE MIND OF CRIMINALS AND TRUST IN COMMON MAN". Hanumangarh Police is "with you, for you-always".